black knight with blindfold / chess

Hi! These are some not-very-serious papers I wrote about chess (but, as is my style, the results therein are real):

It still seems black has hope in these extremely unfair variants of chess (SIGBOVIK 2014)

Elo World: A framework for benchmarking weak chess engines (SIGBOVIK 2019)

CVE-2018-90017117 "#KingMe" (SIGBOVIK 2019)

Color- and piece-blind chess (SIGBOVIK 2019)

Survival in chessland (SIGBOVIK 2019)

Is this the longest chess game? (SIGBOVIK 2020)

Video version of several of the above:

Bunch of at-your-own-risk source code for these projects. By "risk" mostly I just mean that it might be hard to compile and I hate getting things to compile!

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