learnfun & playfun: A general technique for automating NES games

Hi! This is my software for SIGBOVIK 2013, an April 1 conference that usually publishes fake research. Mine is real! It's software that learns how to play NES games and plays them automatically, using an aesthetically pleasing technique.

I'm currently on vacation in Japan so I made this video for the conference, which is a great introduction if you have 15 minutes:

If you don't have 15 minutes, fast forward to 6:10, after I'm done 'splainin and the game stuff starts.

Episode two, posted 18 August 2013:

New! Episode three, posted 12 Jan 2014:

The Research Paper has a thorough explanation of how it works and results on some more games and is intended to be a fun read, but who knows.

The source code is here.

New! You can download binaries for 64-bit Windows (along with the source archive) here.

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