Here I rank some of my friends in approximate order of how much I like their web pages. If they don't have web pages, well, forget it!

Brian Potetz - Brian's web page is great because it's filled with these incomprehensible animations that he made in Matlab. Don't miss Eigendance, which is related to my lambdadance page, I guess.

Sophia's web page has the best background images of any web page.

Erika Laing Taylor's web page will only work in Internet Exploder. Her web page is mysterious, honest, and unfinished—just the way I like it. Ryan Kelly has a pretty much totally rad page especially wrt sax solos.

Adam Wierman has a pretty cool page. The most important part to visit is Adam's Haircut Page where you can put different styles and colors of hair on his head.

Adam Goode knows a lot of stuff about things. You'd expect his page to reflect that but it's mostly about his work, except at the bottom where it just says, Please enjoy this message.

Mike Murphy is my brother, whose web page is filled with programs that I wrote, so that's pretty good.

Heather's page has lots of good drawings.

Steve Magill allows you to go "Down to Smagill Rock," primarily to see his puzzles page. The Legend-of-Zelda icon for "Links" is a good one, too.

Rob Simmons thinks being in grad school is about standing in fields or farming or something, but he gets extra web points for the Twelf wiki.

Roger Braunstein has one of those sites with lots of tiny ass fonts.

Mark Albert has a pretty boring web page. But his old one I dug up on is more fun.

Christopher Twigg would have you believe that someone in 1883 wrote a newspaper dedicated to his existence. But be careful not to cut your fingers on any broken links.

Aleksey Kliger has a pretty good web page, especially since he has registered See especially the illustration of the Curry-Howard Isomorphism. You can rest assured that each and every one of his pages is XHTML 1.0 compliant.

Deanna Rubin is quite notorious. And good at Boggle.

H. Brendan McMahan would have a better page if his photo gallery included Space Badminton.

P. Brighten Godfrey has a web page as part of the "Big W Consortium".

Jasonc C. Creed used to have a pretty cool site called I guess he's grown out of that, so the only cool thing on his web page now is the output of midiotd which I guess records whatever he plays on his keyboard and puts it on the internet. I need one of those for my guitar. (Actually now Jason's page has lots of cool stuff if you dig a little bit and avoid the mathborings.)

Donnna says I won't want to link to her web page because it is way boring. But it is far from being the least interesting here... (Note: this ellipsis is not intended to indicate that the following page or pages are the least interesting here. These pages are listed in approximate order of favoriteness. If I wanted to indicate that the following page or pages are the least interesting, I would use a more ad hoc ordering whereby the least interesting pages are for some reason right in the middle of the list, and then also I would use a colon, not an elipsis.)

Cortney's web page is devoted to photographs of the three primary elements of nature: snow, water, and grass.

Moira's page gets bonus points for having reviewed my novel. But that sticky double-d in the URL always trips me up!

Neel's web page is tree automata 24/7.

Allison came this close to having a rotating animation of pictures on her page, which would have been killer.

Neal Martin once had a really smashing web page, but now it's just a sad memory. Good sk8r picture, though, and I'm not just saying that because I took it!

Nels Beckman has a fun game called Guess Which Indie Rocker Has Sung These Words and Then Reload And Try Another on his web page.

Pedro Vaz Artigas chose a really funny picture for his web page, but that's about the only reason to go there.

Evan Chang's page looks suspiciously like his undergrad advisors'...

My new officemate William Lovas's web page is totally bog standard now, and has corresponding plummeted in the rankings. You can however see his vastly superior old internet homesite.

Holy crap, Charlie Smart's new page is even boringer!

Also noteworthy for their minimality are pages owned by Sabrina Haskell and Noam Zeilberger.

TILT hackers Derek Dreyer, Leaf Petersen, and Dave Swasey have pretty utilitarian web pages. Joe Vanderwaart's is more exciting because he has a Java Towers-of-Hanoi count-up to the faux beginning of the 22nd century and a bunch of pictures of penguins.

I know Kevin Bierhof is German and everything, but I almost just fell asleep while looking at his page.

Matt Rosencrantz, Amit K. Manjhi, Charlie Garrod, Susmit Sarkar, and Kaustuv Chaudhuri and Chris Casinghino all have totally boring web pages.

Zessa Birbaslo is way into computational archaeolinguistics.

Now, some cool faculty members at CMU whom I've interacted with to various degrees: Bob Harper is the most persuasive teacher I've ever had, and Karl Crary is a Type Theory wizard. Frank Pfenning always makes logic seem so simple, and Dave Touretzky usually tries to keep me out of jail. Sebastian Thrun (now at Stanford) is extremely cheerful, and makes armies of cheerful robots. Jim Morris invented lazy evaluation and is the Morris in Knuth-Morris-Pratt. Manuel Blum is the coolest absent-minded genius at CMU. Andrew Moore makes me care about stuff I never thought I'd enjoy, like Bayes nets.

Here are some causes I support: American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Creative Commons, Wikipedia (I am an administrator!).

A good way to procrastinate but feel productive is Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders.

Here are some tools that rule: mlton, firefox, emacs, putty.

Here are some good TV shows: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Macgyver, Junkyard Wars, Sealab 2021 , Pokémon, Mission Hill, Iron Chef.

Here are some good confusing websites: , seizure robots, world's smallest website, Super Bad.

Here are some non-links to things that suck: perl, C++, xfig, comcast, LaTeX, starbucks, panera, agfa monotype, ITC, Actionscript, vomit.

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