I'm such a big fan of Guided By Voices that I couldn't resist doing this. Here are some interesting covers of GBV tunes that I've done over the past few months with my assorted Musical Equipment. All are 128kbs MP3's.

Gold Star for Robot Boy
586k - 1:15 (mono)
Here was my first one, featuring overdriven "Robot" vocals, blaring keyboard drums, and an overquantized synth-piano track which make for a lovable, laughable Robot Boy.
14 Cheerleader Coldfront
762k - 0:49
Nintendo game version of the gentle Pollard/Sprout song. Listen to those delicate chord progressions butchered!
1.25mb - 1:22
My first cover with Real Instruments (a guitar). Here's a somewhat faithful and low-fi cover of the Fast Japanese Spin-Cycle's "Dusted".
Cut-Out Witch
1.5mb - 1:42
Piano/Square wave version of this tune from "Under The Bushes, Under The Stars". Behold my fine double-track vocals.
Your Name Is Wild
1.5mb - 1:42
Here's another UTBUTS tune "re-interpreted". *Two* acoustic guitar tracks and *two* tracks of vocals (making it at least four times as likely that I sound like an idiot). I've changed the chords around a bit to make the song sound sappier.
Shocker In Gloomtown
1.1mb - 1:10
Here's a classic from "The Grand Hour", ruined with video game/drum machine instrumentation and two tracks of overzealous vocals. This one's kind of like the version of "14 Cheerleader Coldfront" above, since I don't have a guitar with me.
Subspace Biographies
2.7mb - 2:55
Now I have a cheapo guitar with me at school, as well as sophisticated recording software. I ignore most of the sophistication, though, and let everything get overdriven and "low-fi". This rocker from Bob Pollard's "Waved Out" counts as a GBV tune in my mind, so it's part of this project, dammit!
Flat Beauty
1.5mb - 1:37
This is another Pollard Solo song from "Not In My Airforce". I replaced his guitar with saw wave under POWER RHYTHM effect, replaced his voice with two of my own, and introduced wandering square wave beeps.

If you found these fun, you might enjoy my project called Tom 7 Entertainment System (video game music) or my other projects (mostly acoustic lo-fi bedroom/indie).

You may distribute/use these as you please (though contact me for inclusion on tribute comps).
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