My favorite terminal font is the venerable FixedSys, but it does have a few small problems, such as not working on modern computers. Here are some TrueType versions I made. They are exact (as in the vectors trace out the outlines of the pixels, exactly on integer coordinates like you want) if you set them to the correct size and turn off anti-aliasing. In Photoshop, for example, use multiples of "16 pt". In CSS, "16px" may work well. Alas, the correct size may differ based on the application or settings like your monitor DPI. On high-DPI displays, FixederSys 1x looks good at twice its native size (chunky pixels), but FixederSys 2x is designed to look both crisp and familiar at high resolutions. The 2x version is what I use for my terminals and editors on a 4k monitor.

FixederSys 1x - This is the original FixedSys with some tweaks and a few useful unicode characters.

FixederSys 2x - This is like the original FixedSys, but I have doubled the resolution and then manually improved the pixels to make use of the finer grid. I still tried to keep it looking "like a terminal font," and it is purely a pixel font. This one should be used at twice the size of the 1x version (or integer multiples, if you have a realllly high-resolution display).

FixederSys Light 2x - A modified version of FixederSys2x with thinner strokes, but the same metrics. Still pixel-exact. Some of the extended characters (e.g. Greek) are currently just copies of FixederSys 2x. I will fix it some day.

Feel free to use and distribute these fonts. I haven't made "official" releases of them yet, since I am still occasionally making tweaks. Unicode support is weak. But they work for my ISO Latin-1++ needs. I last remembered to update this sentence after uploading a new version on 8 Jun 2024.

In emacs on Windows, this works best for me: (set-frame-font "FixederSys 2x-24:antialias=none").

I've also used a hand-tweaked bitmap version of FixedSys in several of my games and videos. You can download that image, called font.png, if you like.

I also have a number of much less-exacting fonts I made in high school and college: Divide By Zero Fonts.

By Tom 7.